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Domain Registration

Register your domain with VendCentral

Domain names are very important in establishing your internet presence. A great domain name like or is worth a lot of money. Not only could you sell that domain name for a boatload of cash you can also make money off all the people that will visit that site looking for vending machines.

If you are in the vending business you need to have a website so people looking for vending services can find you. Before you launch your website you have to figure out what domain name you are going to have.

The best one and the most easiest ones for your customers to remember is your name of you vending company with a dot com extension. If you are Bobs Vending then your domain name should be

Also domain names play a part in your site coming up on the search results of Google and Yahoo. If someone searches for “vending service in Chicago” and you own the domain name there is a good chance that site could come up higher in the search results. It will come up even higher if the website has the correct search engine optimization done.

VendCentral can buy and manage your domain name

If you want a hassle free experience with your domain name then give VendCentral a call. We can search to see if the name is still available then we will buy the domain name for you and also be your technical administrator. We can do all the technical stuff for you like making sure the name servers are pointing to your hosting environment and also making sure it gets renewed each year.

VendCentral charges $20.00 per year to buy and manage your domain name for you. We are a lot cheaper than some of the domain registrars like Network solutions and Yahoo plus we are a lot easier to deal with.

Domain Renewals Comparison Chart


Network Solutions $34.99 $35.00
Enom $29.95


Top Ten Watch Outs when buying a domain name

If you are a non techie and need help with domain name registration give us a call and we will help you though the process. (866) 699 8363