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VendCentral is on FaceBook! |

Get New Accounts and Find New Products with VendCentral on FaceBook

VendCentral has created a Facebook page and we are really pushing hard for vending and office coffee operators around the country to "friend us on Facebook".

If you are a vending and coffee operator you should also consider starting up a Facebook page for your own business. Facebook is the fastest growing social media website on the web and is a great way to interact with your customer base.

You should be encouraging your customers to " like you" on Facebook and to encourage them to share a little testimonial on how wonderful of a job you are doing. Other potential customer could read these posts and see that you are a very progressive company and see how you are willing to communicate instantly with everyone.

How you can get leads with VendCentral on FaceBook

Once you have a Facebook account the first thing you should do is "Like VendCentral on Facebook" Everyday we get 2-5 customers calling us to recommend vending and office coffee service providers. We have decided going forward that we will be posting these leads on Facebook.

If one of the leads is in your area you can call us to get more information and also the contact information. VendCentral Facebook will be a hub for the vending and office coffee community to share important marketing information that can help grow your business.