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Fruit 66

All Natural Sparkling Juice

Looking for all natural beverages to offer your customers?

Fruit 66 is designed with the health conscious consumer in mind.

Fruit 66 is a low-calorie, highly nutritious, sparkling juice brand. Created in response to poor beverage offerings that lack nutritional value and are highly caloric, each can is equal to 1 serving of fruit and has 95 calories per serving.

Fruit 66 can be found in school cafeterias across the country as well as many natural food stores nationwide. Now you can offer it in your vending operation as well.

90% of people say Fruit 66 has a clean, refreshing taste like no other drink. The other10% of people have no taste.

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Watch your beverage sales soar with Fruit 66!

Each can contains:

  • 100% RDA Vitamin C
  • 10% RDA Calcium 10% RDA Vitamin A
  • 10% RDA Folic Acid No added sugars or HFCS.
  • No artificial flavors, colors, caffeine, or preservatives.
  • One can is equal to one serving of fruit.

Great tasting fuel for the mind and body!

A portion of the proceeds from each can goes to the School Nutrition Foundation to improve children’s health and nutrition.