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Lead Generation Service by Nu Age Marketing

Vending Locator

Looking for new leads for your vending or coffee service?

Nu Age Marketing Solutions is a lead generation service located in Rockwell City, Iowa.

You can contract us to call accounts in your area to introduce your company and set appointments for you to close.

Let us customize a 15 hour campaign for you;
calling ONLY the types and sizes of businesses you desire. Every face to face appt and every lead generated for you during those 15 hours is yours for the low hourly rate with no backend fees such as commission or start up fees. We call when you want and how you want us to, staying in contact with you, monitoring and evaluating your campaign, making adjustments as necessary to ensure your success.

*One time list fee per state up to 3,000 leads

For more information on our lead generation service please call us call us today for a free consultation.

(866) 699-8363 or email us by filling out this short form.

Street Address

Vending Locator

Let us make the COLD calls and send you the HOT leads!

Let’s face it: as an owner of a vending company, your time is too valuable to spend sifting through hundreds and hundreds of cold prospects to find a handful of potential customers who are willing to meet with you to discuss their vending needs.

At Nu Age Marketing, we make those calls for you, and give you only the qualified prospects who tell us that they want to meet with you about their vending needs.

Our program is flexible and can be customized to meet your individual company needs. You get just the leads or appointments that you want, when you want them – and we always make ourselves available to you to ensure that any questions you have are promptly and effectively answered.


Our References

Bill King
Bear Jr. Vending

Shawn Wiser
Supreme Vending
Michael Carey
Take Five Vending
Ron White
Total Vending


Customer Testimonial

"Their staff was very professional. We talked several times prior to starting the project because they were educating themselves on my company and the type of business I was interested in. It's a gamble to try something different, but I figured one good account would pay for the services. I'm happy to report that I'm going to close on my second account, with two more that look very promising. I would recommend NuAge to anyone who is trying to grow their business."

-Bill Comer, Five Star Vending, Omaha, NE