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Nestlé Waters
Nestlé Waters

Nestlé Waters has launched the new 16oz Vend Bottle in their #1 Selling Regional Brands

A package developed by Vend Operators for Vend Operators. The bottle was specifically designed for stack vending machines that offers:

  • Strength
  • Reliability
  • Easy Loading
  • Profitability

This package performs great diminishing bottle jams & service calls

Top Reasons Why the new Nestlé Waters Vend Bottle is the perfect fit for Vend Operators who own their own stack vending machines

  • Designed to maximize column capacity.

  • Additional pressure points for extra strength.

  • 16oz bottle with 12oz can diameter.

  • Bottle designed for even column stacking.

Now you have profitability and reliability in one package


Nestlé Waters has a wide selection of brands and packages that are great for vending and office coffee companies.

Regional Spring Waters 16oz Vend Bottle

Nestle Waters Vend Bottle is the perfect package to use in stack vending machines. If you are using can or bottle vending machines and want to convert a column to bottled water then look no further. NWNA regional spring waters are the leading brands in each of their respective markets. Click here for POS material.


Nestle Pure Life .5 Litre

The Nestle Pure life .5L bottle is a great package for customers who do not need a strong package for vending machines. The bottle is in the light weight eco shape and is priced to sell and will help increase profits for operators.


San Pellegrino Sodas

If you are looking for a refreshing premium soda for your vending machines San Pellegrino sodas could be a great choice. They come in two flavors, Aranciata and Limonata and have been very successful in a variety of foodservice and office coffee accounts.


Perrier .5L

Perrier .5L is the perfect refreshing beverage for the people that like carbonation in their water. It is a very attractive , strong plastic bottle that fits perfectly in glass front & stack vending machines.


To find out more about Nestle Waters 16oz bottles - Click here to make a request for a representative to contact you.

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See what satisfied Vending Operators have to say about the Vend Bottle

For more information on Nestle Waters Vending Brands and Products please visit us at Nestle Waters Vending.  Here is the link right to the vending tab on

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