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Online Promotions

Boost Customer Loyalty with an Online Promotion

Are you interested in running an online promotion on your website to help engage your customers and impress your potential new customers.

An online promotion that allows your customer shopping your vending equipment to engage with you and potentially win a prize is a sure fire way to solidify your relationships with your customers. Once the winner is selected we can post a picture on your site of the winner and any previous winners making you look like a vend operator that really takes care of their customers.




Online promotion by VendCentral

We will create a graphic on your home page that links to a separate promotion page.
We will install promotion on your website
We will mange the online sign up form
Provide all the legal requirements of running the online promotion
Will send you a list of everyone that signed up so you can pick the prize winner
Will put a picture on your website of last months winner  

Benefits of running an online promotion

Engage your customers buying out of your machines
Impress your facility managers to help you keep the account
Helps impress your potential new customers and will separate you from the competition
Use it as a money make by posting advertising of local businesses on your website  

For more information on running an online on your vending and OCS website please fill out the form or call us at 866.699.8363  

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