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Partner With Us

If you are a product or machine manufacturer in the vending industry,
We need your help.

Partner With UsVendCentral is committed to providing superiormarketing tools that can benefit the vending industry.

There are a lot of technologies out their today that if adapted slightly can be used in our industry. These tools can be expensive especially if each manufacturer had to develop the tool themselves.

Vendcentral is looking at building marketing tools that manufacturers can share to market and promote their products to the vending industry.

Tools such as:

  • Internet based TV/ Video channel for vending only. Viewing videos over the internet is becoming big business. Every major internet player is trying to become the market leader in showing videos. Checkout You Tube, Google videos, and SBTV. Why not a site dedicated to watching videos that are professionally produced and highlight the products and services in vending?
  • A consumer based promotion platform that consumers can win prizes by buying out of vending machines. VendCentral will build and host the platform and the manufacturers contribute prizes and products to promote. To build an internet based consumer redemption program from scratch can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why should each manufacturer have to recreate the wheel each time he wants to run a promotion?

The internet is a great vehicle to market and promote to local vend operators. It can be very inexpensive especially if shared platforms are used. Imagine creating a 45 second video clip on a new product that can be viewed over the internet by customers clicking on an email link. This technology is already there its just not being used in our industry at a professional level.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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