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Following are a few testimonials from happy VendCentral clients. We look forward to working with you to help you to grow your business as all of our clients have done:

GVR VendingGVR Vending - Website

"Two years ago I thought websites were unnecessary in the vending world. But then VendCentral explained to me how a professionally-designed site that's set up well for the search engines makes such a huge difference. I now firmly believe that a quality website should be mandatory for every vending business. My website generates 10 -12 leads per month and 20% of those are decent accounts. And just one of these good accounts more than paid for my VendCentral website.

Steve Marsullo, Owner
GVR Services , Sacramento, CA

Bay Area VendingBay Area Vending - Website and Brochures

"Since VendCentral created our website for us, our business has quadrupled! Between 75 - 80% of our new business comes from the website. I personally believe that a high quality website is mandatory for anyone in this business. If you don't have a good website you are not going to get the business. Forget the yellow pages - a great website is the way to go!

"Working with VendCentral went very well. They listened to all of our suggestions and added to them."

Art Meier, Owner
Bay Area Vending, Oakland, CA

Diversified VendDiversified Vending - Website

"We have already gotten 4 new vending accounts from our new VendCentral website, plus 1-2 new accounts from our brochures. We have also gotten numerous other leads thanks to these two great marketing tools. We anticipate these new vending accounts to add approximaely $60,000 per year and that's just the beginning!

"It was very easy working with VendCentral. They took our ideas and suggestions and ran with them. Our website has been so effective, we're already working with them to expand it."

Pat Nuzzolillo, Owner
Diversified Vending, North Haven, CT