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Vending Videos / Animated Presentations

One Shot at that New Vending Account

When targeting that new vending account you have one moment to shine, to rise above the competition and get your foot in the door to present yourself and your vending company to the decision maker. An animated presentation with voice over will get you noticed and more importantly get you in the door to present your company.

Video Options

VendCentral has a variety of video options to choose from:

  • Flash Templates
  • Videos using Stock Footage
  • Google Map Videos
  • Videos for YouTube
  • Custom Video Production shot on location.

For more information on creating a video for your vending business please call us at
(925) 918 1653

Why VendCentral?

VendCentral can help guide a client from concept and scriptwriting to shooting, editing and duplication. We have video stock footage on file and can cut in your logo and still photos to make you a video with out having to shoot at your location which is going to cut out a lot of costs.
If you do want to shoot a custom video to showcase your vending company we will send in a skilled crew to make it happen.

A vending video by VendCentral will impress your potential customers and will get that appointment you need to close the deal.

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Sample Videos / Presentations


Example of an Office Coffee Service Video


Example of a Vending Video


Example of Vending, Office Coffee and Micro Markets all in one