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Website Hosting

Host your website with VendCentral

Once your website is done you are going to need to host it somewhere. Hosting is basically connecting your site to the internet and getting email forwarders set and making sure people can get to your website. If the website goes down you want to make sure someone knows about it and figures out what is going on and get it back online as soon as possible.

VendCentral can do it all for you freeing you up to concentrate on running your vending business.

The benefit of VendCentral hosting your site is that you will know exactly where it is and you will not have to hassle with it.

Website hosting is similar to a customer filling his own soda machine. Yes its not that difficult but after a period of time its becomes more hassle than its worth. That’s the same as hosting your own website. Yeah you save a couple of dollars a month but when the time comes when the hosting goes down you will wish that you did not have to deal with it.

Most hosting companies do not have a live person you can get a hold of. Every time you need something done or something fixed you have to submit a help ticket. If you are non technical type of person this can be a very frustrating process.

At VendCentral we can be reached by phone and we will be able to talk you through the problem and get it taken care of.

The cost of hosting your website with VendCentral is $25.00 per month or if you pay for the full year at once you can take one month off.

We are cheaper than most of the big full service hosting players. However you can find places that are cheaper but you need to be a little bit computer savvy to be able to use those types of hosting environments.

Let VendCentral host your website for a couple of dollars extra each month and you will have peace of mind and a lot less hassle.

How Hosting Works

For more information on hosting please give us a call or contact us via email.